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Leek Radio Is Now An Incorporated "Community Interest Company"

Hurrah! We Did It! We Are Now A Fully Incorporated CIC (Community Interest Company) Registered With Companies House In England & Wales.

When We First Started Looking into Registering It Was A Pretty Daunting Experience,

So Much Paperwork And So Much To Learn About The Registration Process, The Legalities Of Becoming a Director & Other Things, As Its Not something I Had Ever Done Before.

Turns Out, It's Actually Easier To Do Than Originally Thought, It's Just The Sheer Amount of Paperwork That Makes It Look Scary, But We Are Now A Recognised Legal Entity & One Step Closer To Being What We Set Out To Be... A True Community Radio Station With Local Community Interests At Heart.

Our Facebook Page Has Been Growing In Likes & Content Every Day, You May Have Noticed Posting Has Reduced A Little... Don't Worry Tho, Stick With Us, We Are Still Here But As You Can Imagine As We Get Closer To Launching There Is A Lot More Work To Do Behind The Scenes To Get Everything Ready For The Best Possible Start / Launch We Could Possibly Have, So Thank You All for Your Patience.

I Have to Say Though, We At Leek Radio Owe You All, A GREAT BIG THANK YOU!

We Now Have OVER 250 Likes & Follows On Our Facebook Page In Just Over 2 Months. We Have Over 1500 Visits / Click-Throughs To Our Website Every Month & With Nearly 100 Regular Listeners Every Week, Which May Not Sound Much, But Remember We're In Prelaunch And Have Not Yet Marketed The Station At All, Other Than On Our Facebook & Instagram Pages Of Course.

This Bodes Well For The Future of Leek Radio & I Look Forward To Reaching That 500 Like Mile Stone So We Can Give Away Those Free Taxi Ride Gift Cards To 2 Lucky Page Likers, Courtesy Of Our Newest Sponsor - "LeekLinkTaxi's"


As You Know We Now Have 2 Sponsors & We Are Extremely Proud To Have Them On Board. Our Newest Being "Leek Link Taxis" A Local Taxi Firm, Who Is Consistently Looking At Ways To Deliver More To The Community They Serve.

We Are Always Open To Discussions With Any Other Local Companies Who Would Like To Join The Leek Radio Family, Whether Through A Mutually Beneficial Sponsorship Deal, Advertising With Us, Donating To Help Us Further Our Cause, Or Simply Nipping In For a Coffee & A Chat About Your Business Live On-Air

Advertising & Automation

If You Tune In To Leek Radio Right Now, You Will Hear Local Businesses Being Advertised At Quarter Past & Quarter Too The Hour. You Will Also Hear Our Station Idents At TOTH & BOTH (Top/Bottom Of The Hour) We Are Now FULLY LIVE! On Full Automation Mode! The Next Stage Will Be The Live Shows Just After Launch Which Is REALLY VERY EXCITING!

So That's The Latest...

We'll Update You Again Real Soon. Just Check Out Our FB Page For More Info HERE


Leek Radio

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